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The History Behind Interchange

The regents canal towpath crosses the Interchange Basin, known popularly today as the “Dead Dog Hole”, by a bridge dating from 1845 when the LNWR started planning its first interchange facility. Underground vaults built in 1854-6 west of the Interchange Basin, were formerly used for storing wine and beer.
The red brick building straddling this interchange dock is called the Interchange Warehouse and was completed in 1905. Historically, it is where all railway and canal goods were loaded onto horse and carriage to export across the country. The history of trade.
“The Interchange building reveals Camden’s past better than any other local building. It shows that Camden Town was once a major manufacturing and transit centre, full of industry, with goods from both here and abroad on the move day and night.” Local History.

We’re excited to carry on this rich history, by taking the Interchange name forward and giving the next generation of startups a new home in the heart of Camden. The future of trade.